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Photovoltaic industry is in a "severe winter". Government and enterprises work together to "fight the cold"

in 2013, the photovoltaic industry continued to be in a downturn. The EU anti-dumping investigation on photovoltaic products to China continued to put China's photovoltaic industry in a severe winter. On June 24, the provincial development and Reform Commission conducted another survey on photovoltaic enterprises in the province

as the birthplace of polysilicon R & D and industrialization in China, what is the current situation of Leshan photovoltaic industry? How much will the recession affect social employment? Facing the severe cold, how can government and enterprises work together? 5. Press the stop button and start the CLR button for the winter? In mid June, with these questions, I visited relevant departments of Leshan Municipal government, photovoltaic enterprises and vocational and technical college

On June 19, outside the gate of Sichuan Xinguang Silicon Technology Co., Ltd. located in Leshan high tech Zone, a new worker named PVG flame retardant conveyor belt said that although the company has stopped production, it still retains workers to work every day for routine maintenance and monitoring of equipment

it has become a fact that wages have fallen sharply. On the riverside of Leshan high tech Zone, Xinguang Garden community may witness the rise and fall of Leshan photovoltaic industry from one side. As the welfare housing of Sichuan Xinguang Silicon Technology Co., Ltd., most of the residents in the community are employees of the company. On June 20, a resident of Xinguang garden learned that she had enjoyed very generous treatment after working in Xinguang company for several years. In the best year, the monthly salary of ordinary workers was more than 10000 yuan. There are more than 10000 employees in all enterprises in the high tech Zone, but due to the small total number of photovoltaic enterprises, the entry and exit of hundreds of people has little impact on local employment. Said Huang Jianqing, director of Leshan high tech Zone Science and Trade Bureau

Leshan vocational and technical college has the first silicon material technology major in China. The recession of the industry also has a direct impact on enrollment. According to Jia Xi, a teacher of the New Energy Engineering Department of the school, the three classes of the Department enrolled more than 50 students in 2012, only one third of that in previous years

however, as the students of the school meet the employment needs of enterprises, the employment rate has basically reached 100% so far this year. The difference is that due to the large number of shutdown of photovoltaic enterprises in Sichuan, the basic destination of students' employment is coastal companies

independent innovation

xintianyuan has a stable winter and is full of confidence

in the environment of layoffs and shutdown of most photovoltaic enterprises, the recruitment notice posted at the door of Leshan xintianyuan Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd. seems to be a different kind. Due to the expansion of photovoltaic cell production line, a large number of its recruitment information has also been published on the

there is an attractive scene on the top floor of the company: the plates that look like steel plates are arranged in an inclined and regular manner. This is a photovoltaic building, consisting of 3060 single crystal solar cell modules with a power of 175 watts. This month, it can generate more than 3000 kwh of electricity every day. Li Jun, general manager of the company, said that this is only a small application in the company and has a broad prospect. As the main consumer products are not affected by the double reaction, coupled with equipment transformation, the production capacity has been expanded a lot. Li Jun said that this is the reason why the company performed well in adversity

investigating the root cause of its counter trend expansion, Li Jun frankly said that it all depends on independent innovation. The production equipment of the company is almost self-developed and manufactured, and the equipment of photovoltaic cell production line made by itself accounts for 80%

Li Jun calculated the account: the import cycle of imported equipment is as long as 6 months, and it takes less than 3 months to make the equipment by himself. Relying on independent research and development can save more than 50% of the cost. Adhere to independent R & D and increase R & D investment every year. We believe that as long as we do this well, it is very easy to release production capacity. Li Jun is quite confident of a smooth winter

facing difficulties

government and enterprises work together to explore multiple paths

under the double impact, Leshan Yongxiang polysilicon company produced only 600 tons of polysilicon in 2012. So far, only 300 tons have been produced. This is an enterprise with an actual production capacity of 3000 tons, which shows the intensity of the crackdown. Zhumingjie, chief of the science and technology industry section of Leshan development and Reform Commission, said. However, the photovoltaic industry only accounts for 12% to 13% of the output value of the whole high-tech zone, so it has little impact on the economy of the city. According to Huang Jianqing, Leshan photovoltaic enterprises are concentrated in the photovoltaic industrial park of Leshan high tech Zone, and three of the five photovoltaic enterprises in the city are located here

as the other of Leshan's two photovoltaic enterprises that have not stopped production, Yongxiang has continuously reduced production costs by improving technology, process and management. According to Leshan development and Reform Commission, Yongxiang's 3000 ton polysilicon project adopts the integrated production process of hydrogenation and reduction, and the cost is reduced to 150000 yuan/ton. The company also clearly stipulates that the annual R & D investment must account for about 3% of sales. Coal power and small hydropower are Leshan's advantages. Qianwei county has a famous Jiayang coal mine, and the discontinued polysilicon enterprises have moved here. The coal electricity silicon chain may be the way out, and it can be not only an enterprise, but also the reorganization of many discontinued enterprises. Huang Jianqing said that many paths are being explored. Photovoltaic industry must not be lost! Facing the current difficulties, relevant government departments and photovoltaic enterprises have given firm answers. In Zhu Mingjie's view, as one of the new energy industries, the solar photovoltaic industry itself has unlimited development space

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