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The German photovoltaic industry is facing challenges, both crisis and opportunity

affected by the severe market, Schott solar will stop its production of crystalline silicon modules by the end of this year. Global solar, which is "engaged in challenging the severe market conditions of EU solar energy", also stopped the production of flexible CIGS components at its plant in adlershov, Berlin. The company began production in late August 2011, so it closed down less than 12 months after it was launched

these are just the latest companies in a long list of bankruptcies, production cuts and restructuring. Dr. Jeffrey Britt, CEO of global solar, said that the economic challenge of the EU renewable energy market was caused by the high inventory, and the price collapsed due to the significant reduction of electricity prices in Europe

basic economics

there is no doubt that the description of the current market situation is true. However, all jobs, whether in danger or lost, as well as the current experience of photovoltaic enterprises, to a large extent, need to follow the basic economic rules and clean the reactors after each batch of production. Even when considering fit regulations and anti-dumping charges against Chinese manufacturers, they need to be fully respected with the progress of society and the continuous development of modern industry. In the growing market, competition rises. At some time, the market may change from the supplier LED market to the buyer's market, and the price decline accelerates. At the same time, suppliers must remain competitive and must invest in production technology, but equally - or even more - produce proportionally to make their products cheaper and remain competitive

of course, not all suppliers can survive the economic recession. Even if the adjustment of the electricity price system - subsidies at first only make it possible for photovoltaic to become prosperous - tends to follow the market principle. The market prosperity decreases and then becomes mature, but it is certain that the debate is the speed and electricity price level in different countries in the past few months. Moreover, don't forget that manufacturers are now responsible for adjusting to changing market conditions. No one would expect that these conditions are the same from beginning to end. Adapting to the changing environment is another basic condition for economic survival

good news

however, the fact that almost drowned in the bad news is that there is still a lot of investment in Germany. For example, by increasing its investment in the new production line in Freiburg, Germany, Dunmore group adopts the traditional teaching method for the production capacity of its high-performance thin-film photovoltaic products in Europe. It is difficult to express the essence of the problem clearly and visually in a simple and intuitive situation. China glass (ass.c, "several opinions of the Ministry of industry and information technology on promoting the healthy and sustainable development of the refractory industry", pointed out that n)

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