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Photovoltaic industry helps the market of smart meters heat up. Where are the competitive advantages of domestic enterprises?

photovoltaic power generation, as a way of using solar energy, has the advantages of no noise, no pollution, low construction cost, renewable and so on, and has attracted the attention of more and more countries. In China, the photovoltaic industry is a strategic emerging industry with international competitive advantages. For a long time, relevant departments have always attached great importance to the development of China's photovoltaic industry, and have effectively promoted the rapid development of the photovoltaic industry through planning, standards, access conditions and other policies and measures

as a technology that converts light energy into electric energy, photovoltaic power generation system also needs to install electric energy metering instruments. Because the electric energy converted from light energy cannot be consumed by users, the remaining electric energy needs to be transmitted to electricity, and the electricity meter needs to measure a number; When photovoltaic power generation cannot meet the demand, it needs to use electricity, which needs to be measured by another number. Therefore, it is necessary to be able to measure electricity and repeat the above steps for 3-4 times to completely eliminate the gas in the system If it is still impossible to eliminate it, exhaust it according to the following methods: open the front door after shutdown, unscrew the large nut on the front end face of the oil pump with the wrench attached, and then turn on the machine to drain the oil. After the outflow of oil is stable, turn off the machine and screw on the nut Two way electricity meter for power generation. Therefore, smart meters with bidirectional metering function are mostly used in photovoltaic power generation systems

with the rapid development of photovoltaic industry, the demand for smart meters in China and even the entire international market also shows great room for growth. It is predicted that the global smart meter market will reach 150million units in 2019, with a compound annual growth rate of 3.2%. In recent years, many global leading instrument enterprises, such as Honeywell in the United States and Metrology in the United Kingdom, have obtained large orders for smart meters

at present, China's Huali group, Linyang energy and many other instrument enterprises have also launched their own products in the field of smart meters and deployed overseas markets. At present, the domestic smart meter market has tended to be saturated, so many domestic enterprises with backward technology also alleviate the pressure of domestic meter business by expanding overseas business. Recently, Lin Yang energy and elgama have reached a cooperation, and the company's overseas business has successfully entered the European markets such as Portugal, Spain and Poland

compared with foreign products, domestic smart meters have more advantages in terms of price and so on. However, due to the lack of basic technology reserves and many other reasons, there is still a certain gap between domestic smart meters and foreign products in the most critical core technology. To occupy a place in the fierce international market competition, Chinese enterprises must have core competitiveness

in the photovoltaic power generation system, not only the two-way metering function, but also the remote communication function and event recording function of the power information acquisition terminal are required, so that the remote dispatcher can timely grasp the operation status of the photovoltaic power generation system and provide more services such as power quality analysis, fault diagnosis and positioning. These technologies are also the research hotspot of smart meters at present. The more complete and powerful the functions, the more he:705 ℃/16h/ac+650 ℃/16h/ac smart meters have core competitiveness. Chinese enterprises can start from this, increase investment in research and development, develop multi-functional smart meters with independent intellectual property rights, and participate in market competition with stronger ability

at present, Asia is still the world's leading photovoltaic power generation market. Driven by favorable policies, Thailand's photovoltaic power generation market showed a rapid growth trend in 2015, and the new installed capacity of photovoltaic ranked tenth in the world; The Americas is the second largest photovoltaic market in the world. In 2015, the new installed capacity in the Americas accounted for 18.8%; The European market has shrunk slightly, but there is still a certain market space. Portugal is vigorously developing renewable energy, and its solar photovoltaic target is 670 MW in 2020. The smart meter Market in these regions is still a blue ocean, with great market potential

as a kind of clean energy that can be permanently used, solar energy has great development and application potential. As the basic equipment in photovoltaic power generation system, smart meters also have great development prospects. At the same time, Hangzhou Quancai Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. (formerly Taizhou Baidu plastic raw materials Co., Ltd.), which started in Taizhou, was founded in 2004. The competition is fierce. The price war is not a good strategy for long-term and sustainable development. Focusing on research and development and improving product quality is the best way to obtain the market

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