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In recent years, with the vigorous development of China's photovoltaic enterprises, China's photovoltaic industry has developed into an emerging industry with a high degree of globalization and the largest industrial scale in the world. A report from a market research company predicts that China will become the world's largest solar market in 2014

Li Hejun, President of the new energy chamber of Commerce of the all China Federation of industry and Commerce and CEO of hanergy Holdings Group, said in an interview that hanergy would aim at the domestic market in the future. He pointed out that it is also the plastic mold industry base of the national torch plan. At present, photovoltaic power generation accounts for only 0.1% of the total domestic power generation, and the market development space is huge

in 2013, the acceleration of photovoltaic production and the development of reinforcement corrosion industry received unprecedented attention from the Chinese government, and the promulgation of a series of financial policies brought good prospects to the industry. In August this year, China Development Bank and the National Energy Administration formulated and published the opinions on supporting distributed photovoltaic power generation financial services, which is also essential to improve its portability; In November, China Development Bank, industrial and Commercial Bank of China and other 29 banking financial institutions jointly signed the "joint commitment on green credit in China's banking industry", creating favorable conditions for the implementation of environmental and economic policies and the support and promotion of clean energy, especially the development of photovoltaic industry

clean energy enterprises represented by hanergy have mastered the world's leading thin-film solar cell technology. Thin-film solar cells have inherent advantages in the development of distributed photovoltaic power generation vigorously promoted in China. In the long-term development process of enterprises, they can be widely used in photovoltaic building integration and daily life, which is very conducive to large-scale promotion in China. More and more large-scale photovoltaic application projects are emerging, such as IKEA China store roof power station, and the 50MW photovoltaic power station in Gonghe County, hanergy Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture

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