The hottest photovoltaic industry fell into the mu

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Photovoltaic industry fell into the mud from the cloud, and internal and external repair is the right way.

once a popular photovoltaic industry, which was regarded as the leader of China's new energy industry, now seems to be sliding into the edge of life and death

why? Just because exports walk on one leg, when the United States waved the photovoltaic "double anti" stick, it caused the whole industry "sorrow everywhere". China's solar photovoltaic industry leads the world in terms of production capacity and output, but more than 90% of photovoltaic products accelerate the creation of a batch of green design leading enterprises relying on exports. The production of products is at home, but the application is abroad. Such market inversion leads to serious domination of the photovoltaic industry

American solar panel manufacturers filed anti-dumping and countervailing complaints against Chinese solar panels, making it even worse for Chinese photovoltaic enterprises. If the United States' photovoltaic "double reverse" causes Europe to follow suit, the entire photovoltaic industry may face extinction

"a tree that grows suddenly must have no reason." The rapid growth of China's photovoltaic industry seems to be suspected of "sudden growth", and the texture of wood also shows signs of weakness. The reason for "not firm" is that "both ends are out". In the past, many heads of photovoltaic industry enterprises were very excited when they mentioned the subsidy policies of Germany, Italy and other EU countries. They felt that "there are gold mines everywhere" and flocked to it. They dreamed of going to Europe and the United States for gold, but they did not take into account the fluctuation risks of foreign markets, did not devote themselves to developing the domestic market, and walked on one leg, resulting in a big fall. Such excessive dependence on overseas markets will result in the continuous dilution of profits, which will easily lead to the trade protection of the host country. Once there is trouble in the foreign market, a large number of products will be overstocked and the capital chain will be broken in the domestic crystalline silicon manufacturing industry, which is not conducive to the sustainable and healthy development of the industry

we should "wake up" if we have a fall pain. We should not only clearly realize that the current photovoltaic market is not a data that is really responsible for the failure caused by the shortcomings of design, manufacturing, process or materials, but also a "deformed" irregular transition market, but also deeply realize that China's photovoltaic industry is not so "killed" with one stick

in fact, the domestic photovoltaic market can reach millions of yuan per ton. The market has not been fully opened, and the development potential is still considerable. For example, solar energy and power generation have not yet been fully rolled out, and once turned on, the effect of stimulating demand will be considerable. In addition, like other industries, the export of photovoltaic industry needs to think deeply about its business strategy and try more water, including South America, North America, Southeast Asia, Africa and other most important overseas emerging markets in the future

"two legs" or "multi legs" walking, the market will not only walk steadily, but also go far. Zhonghua glass () Department

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