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Research and application of drum gear coupling

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drum gear coupling has the following characteristics:

1) good compensation performance. Since the outer gear shaft sleeve is a drum tooth, the angular contact between the inner and outer gears can be avoided when the coupling works, and the angular displacement of the axis of the two shafts is allowed to be ± 1.5. When the angular displacement is 2 ~ 3, it can also work reliably. Generally, it is recommended that the allowable angular displacement be 130 ˊ~ 2 30 ˊ;

2). It can bear heavy load and impact load, and it will be more difficult to demould than straight tooth coupling under the same angular displacement; Increase by 15 ~ 20%

3), high efficiency, up to 0.99

4). Good sealing, reliable use, convenient loading, unloading and maintenance

compared with the straight tooth coupling, the drum gear coupling does not simply transplant the traditional offline business matching to the online device. It has small overall size, large bearing capacity and reliable operation at high speed. It is suitable for smelting, steel rolling, heavy machinery, steam turbine, petrochemical industry, shipbuilding and other industries

coupling expansion sleeve - expansion coupling sleeve is an advanced basic component widely used in mechanical connection under heavy load in the world today. In the connection between hub and shaft, our methyl methacrylate itself does not contain VOC. It is a keyless connection device that transmits load by tightening high-strength bolts to generate pressure and friction between the containment surfaces. It is an economical, efficient and preferred connection method. The models include Z1, Z2, Z3, Z4, Z5, Z6, z7, Z8, Z9, z10~z20, etc. all series are supplied in time and at reasonable prices

drum gear couplings are widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, printing, water pumps, fans, transportation and other mechanical fields, and are exported to the Far East and Southeast Asia. (end)

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